Green Chilli

Green Chilli Exporters & Suppliers from India


Green Chilli serves a unique spicy flavor which makes it a must in every Indian dish. Consumed as a spice, green chilli is grown throughout the year and hence, there is no scarcity and enough yet good quantity is exported every year. Green Chilli are the vital part of Indian Cuisine which can be used in many manys. Green chillies are the rich source of Beta-carotene and endorphins and zero calories which makes them one of the healthy foods. This has stood up the demand for Green chillies in the global Food Market. India is striving towards achieving to become the leading Green Chilli exporter. Soar Impex is contributing its share to the same.

Health Benefits
  • Green chillies consists zero calories which in turn speeds up metabolism up to 50%

  • Green chillies are loaded with antioxidants that protect our body against free radicals.

  • Capsaicin in green chillies helps in combating common cold or sinus infection.

  • Adding green chillies in your diet helps in balancing sugar levels.

  • Antibacterial properties in green chillies help to treat skin infection.

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