Tomato Exporters from India


Defined as one of the low-calorie vegetables, Tomatoes are a rich source of nutrients, tangy taste & have immense health benefits. Tomato is often confused with a berry, however it is an edible yet juicy berry. The tomatoes are consumed in diverse ways, raw, cooked, as salads, sauces, soups and many more variants. Tomato too serves in a global demand list in the food market. India is in a growing state as a Tomato exporter for western and Asian countries. In Spain, Tomato is served as an auspicious food item who even celebrates ‘La Tomatina Festival’ by smashing Tomatoes on others.

Health Benefits
  • Lycopene in tomatoes protects from UV rays & repairs damaged cells.

  • Eating a tomato fights from free radicals that affect your immune system

  • Tomatoes decrease the level of LDL, a bad cholesterol.

  • Tomatoes help prevent emphysema.

  • Tomatoes prevent blood clotting.

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