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Known as Indian Cucumber or Yellow Indian Cucumber, is a plant species in the genus Medeola. Although it grows in the forest yet it is at the mediatory level in cultivating Vellari in India. Dosakai is one of such species of this family present in India. Yellow cucumbers or Vellari’s  slight bitter than that of the normal cucumbers. These plants easily grow and do well in areas of short summers. Some are grown in greenhouses, seedless, have thinner skins and are length.

Health Benefits
  • Ascorbic acid and caffeic acid in Vellari help to soothe skin irritation & swelling.

  • Vellari’s skin is rich in fiber which has immense health benefits

  • Silica in Vellari aids in healthy connective tissues.

  • Vellari improves skin complexion.

  • High water content in Vellari prevents dehydration.

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