Banana Exporter from India


Bananas are one of the most appealing fruits. At a global level, bananas are highly demanded from several other countries. Bananas belong from the family of plants called Musa which are native to Southeast Asia. Bananas are majorly grown in warmer areas of the world. Bananas in India are largely grown in Jalgaon in Maharashtra and South India. Bananas are used in many Indian dishes especially in South Indian food. Bananas are grown in many types, colors and sizes. Banana exports from India are extensively growing in the global fruit export market. Soar Impex is striving hard to become a successful banana exporter & supplier in the global market. We are serving farm fresh Bananas to keep your health issues at bay. Want to order your bulk? Enquire us now!

Health Benefits
  • Bananas are high in Potassium that promotes healthy blood pressure.

  • Starch, pectin in banana aids in healthy digestion.

  • Nutrients in Bananas moderate blood sugar levels.

  • Bananas promote weight loss

  • Banana prevent from dehydration

  • Antioxidants in bananas reduce the risk of degenerative illness.

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