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Green Chilli Exporters & Suppliers

Green Chilli

Green Chilli serves a unique spicy flavor which makes it a must in every Indian dish. Consumed as a spice, green chilli is grown throughout the year and hence, there is no scarcity and enough yet good quantity is exported every year. Green Chilli are the vital part of Indian Cuisine which can be used in many.

Green chillies are the rich source of Beta-carotene and endorphins and zero calories which makes them one of the healthy foods. This has stood up the demand for Green chillies in the global Food Market. India is striving towards achieving to become the leading Green Chilli exporter. Soar Impex is contributing its share to the same.

Lemon Exporters & Suppliers


Lemon is one of the majorly used citrus fruits across the world hence making it demandable. Lemon is often known as a fruit, vegetable or a spice is used majorly for culinary or non-culinary purposes across the world. Lemon is also used as a cleaning agent as it acts as a natural bleach. Its peel or zest is also used in many ways.

Asian countries used lemon peels as sugary snacks by preserving them in salt barrels. The Lemon exporter in India exports huge quantities of lemons every year. Lemon is not only used as a tangy agent in dishes but also as a great medicine. This gives Soar Impex the great opportunity to grow as a Lemon export & supply company in India.

Tomato Exporters & Suppliers


Defined as one of the low-calorie vegetables, Tomatoes are a rich source of nutrients, tangy taste & have immense health benefits. Tomato is often confused with a berry, however, it is an edible yet juicy berry. The tomatoes are consumed in diverse ways, raw, cooked, like salads, sauces, soups and many more variants.

Tomato too serves in a global demand list in the food market. India is in a growing state as a Tomato exporter for western and Asian countries. In Spain, Tomato is served as an auspicious food item who even celebrates ‘La Tomatina Festival’ by smashing Tomatoes on others.

Drumstick Exporters & Suppliers


Drumstick is one of the rare plants whose all parts like seeds, flowers, leaves and stems are extremely nutritious and edible. It is especially one kind of super plant for its powerpack properties which has immense health profits. the desired one can create many new recipes from drumsticks and make it a finger-licking piece! Each year, India exports tonnes of fresh Drumstick around the world.

Drumstick or Moringa tree is a rich source of Proteins and is highly beneficial for our health & can be used in many different Indian dishes. Drumstick is therefore highly demanded across the globe which makes the Drumstick import-export, a growing business opportunity. If you are looking for a fresh Drumstick supplier from India, then Soar Impex is surely the right choice!

Fresh Turmeric Exporters & Suppliers

Fresh Turmeric

One of the special ingredients in Thai Cuisine, Fresh turmeric is a member of the ginger family. Fresh turmeric is aren’t like powdered turmeric, it serves a mild yet pleasant taste. Fresh turmeric has a loud and vibrant orange with beige- brown color.

Fresh turmeric is more fleshy and smaller than ginger. The cylindrical rhizome tapered from both side is composed of fats and has many essential health benefits. The fresh turmeric grows in all types long or short, straight or curved, it appears slender finger-like and is easily breakable. This fresh turmeric can be peeled and chopped easily and is used to cure muscle swelling and soreness. It is also used as a medicinal herb in India to boost metabolism, digestion and immunity. 

Ginger Exporters & Suppliers

Fresh Ginger

Ginger is a fine root crop used as a pungent spice aroma in every dish. It is an underground stem or rhizome which is edible, rough and knotty in appearance. Ginger is known for its unique flavour and taste in many Asian Cuisine.  North India, especially Assam is the largest producer of Ginger in India making India the growing ginger supplier across the world. Soar Impex assures you the premium quality of Ginger.

Our process of refining the ginger includes polishing, cleaning & grading ending up with checking the size capability. The moisture content of harvested Ginger is about 80 per cent which is stored accordingly to keep it safe till its destination. The unified grading process of Ginger makes Soar Impex makes it the leading Ginger Suppliers from India.

Vellari Exporters & Suppliers


Known as Indian Cucumber or Yellow Indian Cucumber, is a plant species in the genus Medeola. Although it grows in the forest yet it is at the mediatory level in cultivating Vellari in India. Dosakai is one of such species of this family present in India.

Yellow cucumbers or Vellari’s slight bitter than that of the normal cucumbers. These plants easily grow and do well in areas of short summers. Some are grown in greenhouses, seedless, have thinner skins and are length.

Red Pumpkin Exporters & Suppliers

Red Pumpkin

Known as Cucurbita Pepo, Pumpkins are grown majorly for commercial use as a food and for recreation. Red Pumpkin is consumed in the United Nations on a large scale. Red Pumpkin pie is a thanksgiving meal in Canada and the United States and it is the favorite one for Halloween!

Soar Impex wants to increase the sweetness in such a joy by exporting farm fresh Red Pumpkins. Soar Impex is gaining a spontaneous boom of being a leading Exporter and Suppliers of Fresh Export Quality Red Pumpkin. Whenever you want to make a fair choice of Fresh Export Quality Red Pumpkin, let Soar Impex be your first choice from India across the globe.

Onion Exporters & Suppliers

Red Onion

Onions form a vital part of every Indian Cuisine. The onion is a hollow, pinkish-white bulb at the base of spring-like leaves. The crop is harvested and dried in order to get the perfect onion for storage purposes. Onions are cultivated and used around the world. They are mostly served cooked, as a savoury dish, or can be eaten raw, pickles or chutneys. Onion is used in every dish more authentically.

India is the second-largest Onion producer across the world. India is the leading Onion exporter who exports onions to several countries. Soar Impex is gaining heights for being a leading Onion Exporter company. Today, onions are on the top demand list in the Global Food Market.

Small Onion Suppliers & Exporters

Small onion (shallot)

Small onions known as shallots are produced in a bulbous cluster with a luminescent purple hue color. The size of the small onions are small, similar to garlic. Small onions have tapered ends that possess a luminescent purple hue.

Small Onions are largely produced in South India and are often served in their famous dish ‘Sambar’. Small onions are majorly exported from India. Soar Impex is trying to mark its place as a Small Onion Suppliers across the world.

Elephant Foot Yam Exporters & Suppliers

Suran/ Elephant’s foot YAM

Elephant’s Foot YAM aka Suran serves great with flavorful spices, seasoning & brines. The elephant foot yam is used as a food is Island Southeast Asia, Mainland Southeast Asia, South Asia, New Guinea, Oceania & Madagascar. It is also used as a food, as a medicine in many states of India. Elephant foot Yam is effectively known to treat piles.

It is also very well-versed in the era of Ayurveda. However, extra care is required while cooking as it is needed to be cooked completely before adding spices. On the other hand, Elephant’s Foot YAM is highly beneficial for health as it provides immense nutritional add-ons. Soar Impex is trying to become a leading Elephant’s Foot Supplier across the globe.

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Soar Impex is managing fruit & vegetable exporting across the globe. Our team procures the farm fresh products & supplies around the world.

Find the best AGRO PRODUCT here..!

Soar Impex is managing fruit & vegetable exporting across the globe. Our team procures the farm fresh products & supplies around the world.
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