Suran/ Elephant’s foot YAM

Elephant Foot Yam Supplier & Exporter


Elephant’s Foot YAM aka Suran serves great with flavorful spices, seasoning & brines. The elephant foot yam is used as a food is Island Southeast Asia, Mainland Southeast Asia, South Asia, New Guinea, Oceania & Madagascar. It is also used as a food, as a medicine in many states of India. Elephant foot Yam is effectively known to treat piles. It is also very well-versed in the era of Ayurveda. However, extra care is required while cooking as it is needed to be cooked completely before adding spices. On the other hand, Elephant’s Foot YAM is highly beneficial for health as it provides immense nutritional add-ons. Soar Impex is trying to become a leading Elephant’s Foot Supplier across the globe.

Health Benefits
  • Elephant’s foot YAM aids in easy digestion.

  • Elephant’s foot YAM contains ‘Isoflavones’ which fights numerous skin problems such as pigmentation, sagging & roughness of skin.

  • Elephant’s foot YAM prevents bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, GERD etc.

  • Elephant foot YAM is effective on obesity, heart diseases, diabetes & cancer.

  • YAM is also useful in promoting & regulating hormones.

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