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Ginger is a fine root crop used as a pungent spice aroma in every dish. It is an underground stem or rhizome which is edible, rough and knotty in appearance. Ginger is known for its unique flavour and taste in many Asian Cuisine.  North India, especially Assam is the largest producer of Ginger in India making India the growing ginger supplier across the world. Soar Impex assures you the premium quality of Ginger. Our process of refining the ginger includes polishing, cleaning & grading ending up with checking the size capability. The moisture content of harvested Ginger is about 80 percent which is stored  accordingly to keep it safe till its destination. The unified grading process of Ginger makes Soar Impex makes it the leading Ginger Suppliers from India.

Health Benefits
  • Antibacterial compounds in Ginger keep the oral bacteria at bay.

  • Ginger calms Nausea by breaking up the gas in your intestines.

  • Ginger helps to sooth out sore muscles and muscle aches.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties in Ginger help in reducing swelling and eases Arthritis symptoms.

  • Ginger tea effectively helps in improving blood sugar level.

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