Drumstick Exporters & Suppliers

Drumstick is one of the rare plants whose all parts like seeds, flowers, leaves and stems are extremely nutritious and edible. It is especially one kind of super plant for its power pack properties which has immense health profits. desired one can create many new recipes from drumsticks and make it a finger-licking piece! Each year, India exports tones of fresh Drumstick around the world. Drumstick or Moringa tree is a rich source of Proteins and is highly beneficial for our health & can be used in many different Indian dishes. Drumstick is therefore highly demanded across the globe which makes the Drumstick import export, a growing business opportunity. If you are looking for a fresh Drumstick supplier from India, then Soar Impex is surely a right choice!

Health Benefits
  • Essential Vitamins & minerals present in drumsticks help in maintaining optimum glucose level.

  • Drumstick acts as a natural blood purifier which helps in preventing acne & pimples.

  • Drumsticks include folic acid, vitamin B & A which helps in achieving flawless skin & glossy hair.

  • Good amount of calcium & iron in the drumstick helps in improving bone density.

  • Regular consumption of Drumstick keeps the elevated blood-pressure stable.

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