Red Pumpkin

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Known as Cucurbita Pepo, Pumpkins are grown majorly for commercial use as a food and for recreation. Red Pumpkin is consumed in the United Nations on a large scale. Red Pumpkin pie is a thanksgiving meal in Canada and the United States and it is the favourite one for Halloween! Soar Impex wants to increase the sweetness in such a joy by exporting farm fresh Red Pumpkins. Soar Impex is gaining a spontaneous boom of being a leading Exporter and Suppliers of Fresh Export Quality Red Pumpkin. Whenever you want to make a fair choice of Fresh Export Quality Red Pumpkin, let Soar Impex be your first choice from India across the globe.

Health Benefits
  • Antioxidants in Red Pumpkin reduce the risk of chronic disease.

  • Red Pumpkin is a power pack of vitamins which boosts immunity

  • Lutein & Zeaxanthin present in pumpkin reduces the degeneration of cataracts.

  • Low calories in Red Pumpkin may promote weight loss.

  • Consumption of Red Pumpkin also benefits your heart health.

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