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The sweet sour cluster fruit, grapes come in many variants and colors- green, black, pink, purple, seedless grapes,and such others. Grapes resemble a berry in a botanical language, it is grown on woody vines of the plant genus Vitis. Grapes are majorly cultivated in the winter season. Grapes are generally non-climacteric types of a fruit and hence it grows in clusters. The Indian grapes exporter exports tones of grapes across the world. The demand for grapes is high in the global fruit market. India has gained a lead in exporting grapes in recent decades. The grapes export from India is witness to significant growth.

Health Benefits
  • Nutrients in grapes protect against cancer, eye problems, and heart diseases.

  • Grapes including potassium maintain the blood pressure level.

  • High water & fiber content in grapes reduce the risk of constipation

  • Grapes may help to alleviate symptoms of allergies.

  • Grapes may help to treat acne.

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