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The ‘King of Fruits’, Mango is one of the famous fruits which is being loved by all over the world. Mango is a stone fruit produced in warm tropical areas. There are hundreds of mango cultivars worldwide. Mango is widely distributed depending on its varieties. Mango fruit varies in shape size, skin color and taste. Mango is a national fruit of India and a national tree of Bangladesh. Mango was majorly cultivated in South Asia for thousands of years in the fourth century. Around 15 million tones of mangoes are now being cultivated in India. Mango export from India has increased by Rs. 209 crores. The Indian mango export has spontaneously grown by 47%. Soar Impex is gaining heights in the international mango export market.

Health Benefits
  • Mango is a good source of immunity boosting

  • Magnesium & potassium in Mango keeps your heart problems at bay.

  • Amylases in mango aids in healthy digestion

  • Lutein & zeaxanthin in mango keep your eyes healthy.

  • Vitamin C in mango helps to keep skin & hair issues at bay.

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