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Reddish purple color fruit, Pomegranate is a husk fruit divided into two parts an outer layer, a hard pericarp and an inner spongy part known as mesocarp. Pomegranate consists of small juicy seeds in its mesocarp. Pomegranates are cultivated on ornamental trees and shrubs. Pomegranates are drought tolerant and are majorly grown in dry areas either in a Mediterranean winter rainfall climate or in summer rainfall climates. Pomegranates serve at the top in the list of global demand of fruits. The Indian pomegranate is a bit acidic in taste but is exported to many other countries in tonnes. This makes India a global pomegranate supplier.

Health Benefits
  • Juicy pomegranates protect us from free radicals

  • Pomegranates prevent blood clotting

  • Pomegranates remove excess fat and prevent the hardening of artery walls.

  • Pomegranates help to pump up oxygen levels.

  • Pomegranates reduce the damage of cartilage by fighting the enzymes.

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