Rice Suppliers in India


Rice is one of the most popular staple foods which is widely consumed in all parts especially Asian countries. The agricultural commodity is the third highest in the worldwide with the production of rice. Rice is a monocot, an annual plant which is normally grown in tropical region and can survive as a perennial crop. Rice cultivation is mostly done in nearby coastal regions as it requires maximum water and rainfall.However, rice can be grown any practically anywhere. The variety of rice can be classified as long, short, medium grained. The long grain of rice are high in amylose while the medium grain of rice is high in amylopectin. Around 40,000 varieties of rice are found across the world. Soar Impex is one of the reputed Rice supplier from India.

Health Benefits
  • Rice helps to stabilize blood sugar levels.

  • Rice aids in smooth digestion process.

  • Rice is an essential dietary food as it is free from gluten.

  • Rice help with Chronic Digestive Issues

  • Rice stabilizes the bone density as it contains high calcium content.

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